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It only takes one change to take control of your life.

Dr. Edelita R. Jamis

Meet Dr. Edelita Jamis

Internal Medicine & Lifestyle Medicine physician

I am Edelita Remegoso-Jamis, a practicing Internal Medicine physician and also certified in Lifestyle Medicine. While my career took off pretty well, my health turned for the worse as I became diabetic at 38. As a primary care physician, I know how this silent disease becomes a gateway to other chronic diseases. Then I discovered the reversal of chronic diseases with a whole food plant-based diet. I became intrigued because I have never heard about this in medical school or in my medical training. I tried it myself and became well again. Now, it's my turn and duty to spread this life-changing discovery to others.

Dr. Edelita Jamis talking about Lifestyle Medicine
Lifestyle Medicine

What is Lifestyle Medicine?

Home Grown Vegetables

It is an evidence-based lifestyle approach to prevent, treat, and oftentimes reverse lifestyle-related chronic diseases such as hypertension, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, gout, obesity, autoimmune disease, cancer, etc. It focuses on self-care and self-management by understanding the root cause of the disease which delivers the total package of all positive health effects.

My approach is predominantly a whole food plant-based diet, regular physical activity, adequate sleep, stress management, and avoidance of risky substances --- the only prescription that is 100% free of side effects.

How The Plan Works

The Plan
phone call.png
Dr. Jamis coaching
Stethoscope on the Cardiogram
health coaching.png
patient monitoring
Free 15-minute Consulation
Face-to-face Visit if Necessary
Health Goal Setting
Healthy Lifestyle Coaching
Remote Patient Monitoring
whole-food, plant-based diet

What good is retirement when your life will just revolve around pills and hospitalization? The path towards health begins with self-love. Begin your journey today.

What They Are Saying About The Plan

Gretchen, 53

I am now almost a year into whole food plant-based diet and I've lost 44 lbs. I am completely healed of my gastric and allergy issues.

- Gretchen, 53

Delia, 68

I still couldn't believe that I'll ever be insulin injection-free!

- Delia, 68

Phil, 59

I will always be grateful to God for that day in July 2018 and Dr. Jamis. I believe she changed and saved my life.

- Phil, 59

Lowell, 75

Three months into the plan, I had lost 35 pounds, and my head started clearing up.

- Lowell, 75

Let's Get Healthy!

Start with a FREE 15-minute consultation with Dr. Edelita Jamis

Choose an affordable plan:

(all inclusive of everything you need to succeed)

SOLO Package for as low as $1,999.00

             (for the four-month bundle)

GROUP Package for as low as $999.00

               (for the four-month bundle) 

Plan prices are subject to change so lock in your membership now!

Dr. Edelita R. Jamis telemedicine

Get Ahead With The Plan


Podcast is Now On Air

Listen to Dr. Edelita Jamis every Saturday for a dose of health information, testimonials, and conversations about Lifestyle Medicine and how it could reverse your chronic disease.

Chronic disease is not a life sentence. There is hope. Let your current health state be your wake-up call --- a call to take action now.

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