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Highlights From Our Planting Health Potluck!

Planting healt potluck Poster

I'm eager to extend the story of our recent Planting Health Potluck, a plant-based event that turned a regular day into something extraordinary. It's hard to capture all the magic, but I'll do my best to share the heartwarming highlights with you.

I want to express my major kudos to everyone who showed up and brought their A-game to the kitchen. The spread of plant-powered foods was insane. There were about 15 dishes, from colorful salads to hearty soups, baked pasta, muffins, and pies- you name it! It was like a plant foodie's dream come true.

small talk before plantin health potluck

Our potluck started with a prayer led by Cheryl Reth. Everyone enjoyed tasting all the irresistible plant-powered foods. The array of dishes at the potluck was nothing short of amazing, showcasing the creativity and passion within our community. Every bite told a tale of dedication to wholesome, tasty, and healthy living.

What truly touched me was the sense of belonging that enveloped the gathering. It felt like we were not just sharing meals but connecting. The laughter echoed, attendees swapped stories, and it was evident that this wasn't just a potluck but a coming together of kindred spirits.

Healthy balls
Salad recipe
healthy pie recipe

Reflecting on the Potluck, it's clear that our community is more than just a group of individuals. Our family is connected by a common thread – our journey towards better health and a shared love for good food. The Planting Health Potluck wasn't just an event; it was a celebration of us, our warmth, and our shared commitment to stay vibrant and healthy by leaning on plants as food and medicine.  

Plant based bread
Apple recipe
Avocado recipe

As we move forward, let's carry the spirit of this special day with us. Try out those incredible recipes, share your experiences, and let's continue building on the connections we've formed. And most of all, remember to spread the word and invite family, relatives, and friends to join us next month.


The Planting Health potluck is happening every second Sunday of the month at  2 pm, located at 19554 N Papago Dr, Surprise, AZ 85374. 

Here's to more shared moments, delicious meals, and the joy of being on this journey together!

To better health,
-Dr.  Edelita

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