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Are you aware of the true cost

of unhealthy diet & lifestyle?

The Plan

The program uses lifestyle change as a therapeutic tool to manage, treat, and potentially reverse chronic disease.This is a result-driven program that is built on a trusting partnership between you and Dr. Jamis. You set your own realistic health goals that you want to achieve; Dr. Jamis shares those goals and creates a plan of action with you.


The first phase* has two options which will depend on your preference and the complexity of your health issues.The group starter program has recently restructured and is currently designed to cater to specific interest groups.


Happy senior

Solo Starter Plan

Closely monitor your progression and transformation through one-on-one sessions that you can start anytime.

not healthy

Weight Unloaders Group

Lose weight sustainably without multiple supplements, crash diets, or intense workouts that are virtually impossible to do.

Diabetes course


Online Course for seniors with diabetes  

Senior testing for diabetes

Diabetes Reversal Group

Take a step towards living a healthier life with much less medications through a holistic, Lifestyle Medicine approach.

helping each other

Continuing Lifestyle

Acquire and practice essential skills in combating relapse and sustaining your healthier lifestyle change.


tele consult

Medical Consultation

Book a consultation with a Plant-Based Lifestyle Medicine Doctor & discuss any health concerns you may have.


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Corporate Consultation

Speak with a corporate consultant about company wellness programs that can be integrated into your workplace to improve your employees' health.

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online consultation

Speaking Engagement

Invite a Plant-Based Lifestyle Medicine Doctor as speaker for wellness events, motivational talks, or health-related lectures.

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