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The program uses lifestyle change as a therapeutic tool to manage, treat, and potentially reverse chronic disease. It is a program that is result-driven, built on a trusting partnership between you and Dr. Jamis. You set your own realistic health goals that you want to achieve; Dr. Jamis shares those goals and co-create a plan of action with you.


There are two stages of the program.

The first phase has two options which will depend on your preference and the complexity of your health issues.


Solo Starter

For those who prefer to do things on their own at their own pace

1-month plan = $399
3-month plan = $279/month*
6-month plan = $249/month*
12-month plan =$229/month*

*A $100 DISCOUNT promo is ending soon!
Plus avail of an extra 10% OFF if paid in full and another 3% OFF if paid in cash

group after exercise

Group Starter

For those who prefer accountability and support, a minimum of 3 persons can sign up at the same time. 

1-month plan = $379*
3-month plan = $259/month*
6-month plan = $229/month*
12-month plan =$209/month*

*per person

Save up to $2,040 per person if you avail of the 12-month plan!

Payment is on a fixed monthly membership which includes the following:

  • virtual health visits every  2 weeks with Dr. Jamis

  • real-time monitoring of blood pressure, blood sugar, and weight

  • review test results and explain health implications

  • medication review and dose adjustments (in safely tapering off meds)

  • intensive disease and nutrition education

  • individualized dietary planning, including the basics of healthy cooking

  • healthy lifestyle coaching

  • unlimited text and email messaging

  • guided grocery shopping (if requested, this will be done virtually due to COVID-19)

  • ordering blood tests and review

  • access to a social gathering of the plant-based support group that  meets every month (as soon as allowed) 

healthy seniors

Continuing Lifestyle

(The relapse prevention plan)

Once the new lifestyle and eating habits are established and the set goals are met, it is recommended for you to move on to the second stage, the Continuing Lifestyle stage. This is strongly recommended to prevent you from relapsing back to the old unhealthy habits.


This program provides a place where we all can feel we belong to a group that continues to strive to be better every day. The program focuses on acquiring and practicing essential skills in combating relapse to continue reaping the unlimited health benefits of lifestyle change. It also continues to monitor other health parameters that may need the involved medications to be reduced.

The Continuing Lifestyle phase includes the following:
* monthly follow-up visits
* unlimited text or email messaging
* automatic memberships to our Lifestyle Meet-Up group that gathers every month for food, entertainment, fun, and fellowship.

Doctor Checking a Form

1-hour Consultation

When you feel that you need to get something done but not sure how and when you are ready to start, 1 hour of consultation might be what you need to turn your thoughts into action. Take a glimpse of a new you during this one-time real talk uncovering your inner potential to make a difference not later but now.

Corporate Consulting

There are businesses and companies that provide health benefits to their employees in order to achieve that work-life balance. Some of them pay big chunks of funds for their employees' health insurance annually yet they're not sure if all of their employees' health is well taken care of. Nowadays, employers are taking proactive measures to make sure their employees are healthy by providing corporate consultations. A corporate consultant like Dr. Edelita R. Jamis can create a company's wellness program which can be integrated into the workplace or make strategic plans to improve the health of their employees dramatically. Aside from the objective of a work-life balance, disease-free workers could translate to increased work productivity, decreased absenteeism, which eventually results in health savings and increased revenues. Sounds like a win-win situation!

Feel free to fill-up the form to request a quote on Corporate Consulting. Dr. Jamis will respond to your inquiry as soon as she can. 

Doctor and Patient
Corporate Consulting Inquiry
Dr. Edelita Jamis lecture on lifestyle change

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Hear and listen to Dr. Edelita Jamis' lectures and motivational talks about Lifestyle Medicine and how it could reverse chronic diseases. If interested, use the contact form below.

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