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Continuing Lifestyle

The Relapse Prevention Plan

Once the new lifestyle and eating habits are established and your health goals are achieved, it is recommended  for you to move onto the second phase — the Continuing Lifestyle stage. At this point, everything you'll learn is dedicated to help you prevent yourself from relapsing back to old, unhealthy habits, and guide you as you sustain your healthier lifestyle. This program will hopefully provide a place where you can feel that you belong to a group that continues to strive to be better each and every day.


  • Monitoring of other health parameters necessary in reducing medications

  • Monthly follow-up visits to a Plant-Based Lifestyle Medicine Doctor

  • Unlimited SMS and email support in-between sessions

  • Exclusive access to our Lifestyle Meet-Up Group that gathers every month for
    food, entertainment, fun, and fellowship


  • Continued access to our online library of resources and digital pantry


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