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"The Results Were Miraculous!"

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

Note: Below is a testimonial I actually received via text, image, audio, or video submission. It is the patient's reflection of his experiences during the course of or after using our services in some way or another. Since it is a personal experience, results do vary for each individual. The testimonial was given verbatim and edited for grammar, syntax, and brevity. My name would appear as the author because I posted this on this website as a blog/article under the category "Testimonials".

My name is Philip Lynn. I have a history of three vessel heart bypass surgery at the age of 49. One of the bypass graft had to be redone a year later. The following years, I underwent heart stenting procedure to open up few more obstructed arteries in my heart. I also suffered two strokes that left me weak on my left side. I was taking insulin three times a day (total of 84 units a day) for diabetes. I was taking fifteen different medicines twice a day. My cholesterol was in dangerous range’s, and my A1c was 10.1. I was unable to control my diabetes and my weight, which was 284 lbs.

On July 14, 2018, I had my first appointment with Dr. Edelita Jamis. Dr. Jamis asked me if I wanted to “improve my quality of life and possibly extend my life.” She introduced me to a plant-based life style and suggested that I watch “Forks over Knives” documentary. And, she wanted me to follow up with her regularly. I committed to following this plan.

The results were miraculous. In less than a week, I was off my insulin. My A1c came down to 5.5 after four months. My weight gradually and consistently came down too and I now weigh 179 lbs. I now only take 4 prescription medications. My cholesterol and blood pressure are perfect with no blood pressure medicine.

My quality of life has improved physically, mentally and spiritually. I do things that I could not imagined I would ever do again.

I can walk my dog for as long as I want to. I do Yoga three times a week. I do a 40-minute cardio exercise, and lift weights six times a week.

For the first eight months, Dr. Jamis counseled me weekly. I will always be grateful to God for that day in July 2018 and Dr. Jamis. I believe she changed and saved my life.

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