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Why Gange, A Vegetarian, Would Not Have To Go On Medications Anymore

Updated: Jan 29

Note: Below is a testimonial I actually received via text, image, audio, or video submission. It is the patient's reflection of his experiences during the course of or after using our services in some way or another. Since it is a personal experience, results do vary for each individual. The testimonial was given verbatim and edited for grammar, syntax, and brevity. My name would appear as the author because I posted this on this website as a blog/article under the category "Testimonials". I’m Gange, and my story begins with getting my blood work done. When I was in New York, I was working with a primary care physician who wanted to get my blood work done annually. My numbers were fluctuating here and there, but these were not of any major concern to my primary care physician at that time. We then moved to Arizona about three years ago, and I had my first blood work done here in November 2019. My test results showed that some numbers have increased significantly; and being a vegetarian, I was surprised by how high these numbers can be. This time, I was told that if my numbers don’t come down, I may need medication.

Coincidentally, my wife, who was attending yoga classes in the community center here in Arizona, met Dr. Edelita Jamis. She explained to my wife that there are many patients who have had various illnesses that she has treated through lifestyle medicine, and got them off their medication. When I decided to meet her, I naturally had a lot of questions in mind, which she addressed one by one. She explained well how the program works, and that’s how we started. I knew I was lucky that I didn’t have to start any medication for either my A1C or cholesterol yet, and she told me that I actually came at the right time. She emphasized that I needed to take the program seriously and follow what she told me, and then I wouldn't have to go on any medications.

In January 2020, I started the program and incorporated certain dietary and lifestyle changes. Being a vegetarian, continuing with the whole-food plant-based diet was not a challenge. But, it took a lot of discipline when it came to not using too much salt or oil when cooking, or having too much sugar in anything I eat. I also learned how to read food labels and buy proper food. The exercise I do for 20 minutes everyday also helps in combination with my diet. And, in just four months of being in the program, the first blood work already showed some changes and the numbers went down. In July 2021, after being in the program for 15 months, the numbers came down tremendously. My A1C from 6.4 came down to 5.2. My triglycerides came down to 145, and then down to 101. My total cholesterol from 205 came down to 175. My LDL from 106 came down to 88. My PSA level also dropped significantly.

Even my family doctor was surprised to learn about my results, so I told her about Dr. Edelita’s program. And, I would like everyone to know that she is the kind of doctor who’s very dedicated and professional. As long as you have a goal before you start and you’re willing to be disciplined, you will succeed. “If I start this, I’m going to finish this” — that kind of mindset. I recommend everybody to try this program if your numbers in your blood work are not good. Dr. Jamis is a very good lifestyle medicine doctor.

P.S. I now grow my own garden at home!

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