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Her Doctor Was Amazed When Her Incurable Barrett’s Esophagus Was Gone

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

Note: Below is a testimonial I actually received via text, image, audio, or video submission. It is the patient's reflection of her experiences during the course of or after using our services in some way or another. Since it is a personal experience, results do vary for each individual. The testimonial was given verbatim and edited for grammar, syntax, and brevity. My name would appear as the author because I posted this on this website as a blog/article under the category "Testimonials".

My journey started many years ago. I started having gastric issues back in the 1990’s. I was put on several acid reducing medications. None of them ever really worked for me but I continued taking it. My gastroenterologist sent me to a nutritionist who basically told me to stay away from foods that take a long time to digest. She also suggested drinking smoothies. This helped for a while but eventually the gastric issues returned. Several years into this, I had a stomach scope which showed that I had Barrett’s esophagus. I was told that it was incurable. I also had testing done that showed I had gastroparesis which meant that it took my stomach a very long time to digest food longer than what it should by several hours. At this time I just decided to deal with my diagnosis and eat as best I could and try to avoid foods that hurt my stomach.

In 2018, my doctor suggested I see another specialist for my stomach and encouraged me to get a gastric pacer implanted to help my stomach digest food. I had an appointment with this new specialist in December of 2018. In the mean time I had seen Dr. Jamis about my cholesterol. It was elevated and she was concerned about heart disease and suggested I go on a Whole foods plant based diet. I was scared ab​out heart disease so the next day I went cold turkey and embraced whole food plant based diet. This was November 1, 2018. Also I weighed 180 and I am 5’6” tall. Another thing I was dealing too at the time was my allergy. I had to take several allergy pills and inhalers for my asthma. I was in bad shape over all, but just kept accepting that’s how I was going to be.