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Help you take control of your health and reverse chronic diseases with minimal or no need of medications through LIFESTYLE CHANGE with Dr. Edelita Remegoso-Jamis


  • For people to take back the healthy life they deserve and influence their children, parents, grandparents,  relatives, friends, and everybody around them to do the same 



•Empower patients to  redefine their health map and influence others to do the same.
•Making sure that I do not fall short in providing patients all the tools they need to make the change
•Be part of the solution to reduce healthcare cost

Lifestyle Medicine and Wellness Practice PLLC

Are you battling with uncontrolled diabetes, high blood pressure, and severe allergy despite taking multiple medications? Did your doctor warn you of being a high risk for stroke, heart attack, and other serious cardiovascular diseases? Are you wishing that one day you could lessen the number of medications you have to take to continue living? Are you worried about your risk for cancer? Did all your efforts to lose weight leave you doubtful and disappointed?  

Despite the negative thoughts that have crossed your mind many times, do you still believe that there could
be another sustainable way to improve your health? 


I have been a practicing primary care physician for six years, and I have seen a lot of health-related frustrations (my health included). I started infusing lifestyle medicine into my career and have changed lives. Understanding the "why" of changing our behavior and attitude towards health is what I think is the most important thing. Deciding "to change" is easy. How to "maintain a changed behavior" is what is hard. What sustains our changed behavior long-term is a deeper understanding of how our unhealthy lifestyle is making us sicker and weaker every day. As a physician,   I can help you understand the connection between lifestyle and disease. I believe that health education is a very empowering tool that forces an individual to make a substantial change.

My consulting services include one-on-one health coaching and disease education, group health coaching and disease education, personalized dietary coaching, intensive nutrition education, and guided grocery shopping with an emphasis on food nutritive value. I also do motivational talks about lifestyle change and health-related lectures or presentations. 

Lifestyle Medicine and Wellness Practice PLLC
Lifestyle Medicine and Wellness Practice PLLC
Lifestyle Medicine and Wellness Practice PLLC