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Dairy and Sugar-Free Chocolate Ice Cream

Serving size: 1 serving (about 1 cup)


1 ripe banana, medium-large, peeled, frozen

1/3 cup (if using a medium-size banana) or ½ cup (if using large

banana) unsweetened almond/soy


1 tablespoon unsweetened Hersey’s cocoa powder

1 Medjool date, pitted

Toppings (optional): crumbled, unsalted

cashew nuts or roasted unsalted peanuts


1. Blend all ingredients thoroughly in a cup blender. You may need to add milk in small increments if needed.

Tip: Use a food processor instead of a blender if you are preparing for more than one serving size.

2. Enjoy this dessert in a cup, or you may scoop it into a sugar-free ice cream cone. Top with nuts.

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