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An Inspirational Journey Back to Christ The King College: From Alumna to a Medical Doctor

Updated: May 25, 2023

alumni speaker

Last April 28, 2023, I was graced with an extraordinary opportunity that touched my heart. I was invited back to my alma mater as a guest speaker. The invitation was a special opportunity to revisit the place that significantly shaped my journey into the medical profession. More importantly, it allowed me to inspire the next generation of learners by sharing my journey to becoming an Internal Medicine doctor.

Returning to Christ The King College brought a wave of nostalgia. The familiar corridors echoed memories of a younger self, a girl who dreamt of stepping into the medical field, hoping to make a difference in the world. I felt a profound connection as I stood on the podium, addressing a gymnasium full of eager faces. These young individuals were about to embark on their journey, much like I had years ago.

alumni speaker

Speaking to the students about my journey, I aimed to illuminate the realities of pursuing a medical career. It is a formidable field that calls for rigorous training, steadfast dedication, and emotional resilience. The path is filled with long nights of studying, years of intensive training, and a weight of responsibility that always stays with you. Yet, these same challenges shape us, build our strength, and reinforce our commitment.

A particularly poignant moment was when I spoke about the moments of self-doubt when the intensity of the journey made me question my capabilities. Yet, I stressed that I found my true strength in these instances of uncertainty. I wanted the students to understand that it's okay to feel overwhelmed, stumble, and question oneself. It's in rising after every fall, pushing past every limit, where true growth lies.

alumni speaker

Choosing to specialize in Internal Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine was born out of a commitment to understanding the complexity of the human body. Every day is an opportunity to learn, to solve complex puzzles, and to make a difference in people's lives. The applause that echoed in the hall when I shared my first successful diagnosis was heartwarming. I shared the challenges and rewards that come with such a decision.

My journey from Christ The King College student to a thriving Internal Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine doctor is a testament to the school's nurturing environment. The values of perseverance, humility, faith in God, and compassion instilled in me during my school years have played a significant role in my career.

alumni speaker

As I concluded my speech, I saw a spark in the eyes of the students, the kind of spark that precedes a journey of discovery and growth. It reminded me of my past and gave me hope for their future.

In sharing my journey, I intended to inspire these young minds, prepare them for the challenges ahead, and empower them to dream big. I wanted them to understand that every challenge and stumble is an opportunity to grow stronger and wiser. The road to success is not easy but worth every step. It was an honor to contribute to their journey in some small way, just as Christ The King College did to mine.


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