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Plant-Based Smoothie and Sandwich Made Ridiculously Simple at Sun City Grand

Because of the growing scientific evidence that proves the unsurpassed power of plants in preventing, treating, and potentially reversing chronic disease, the call to shift to plant-based eating has been deafening. Yet, many are still hesitant to make the change due to lack of confidence, experience, and time to prepare plant-based food. Thus, there is a tendency to resort to food choices that are more convenient, even when these choices are not the healthiest out there.

Convenient does not always have to mean unhealthy though, and preparing plant-based food is definitely not meant only for the experts in the kitchen or for those who have all afternoon to cook. With the right motivation to learn, you, too, can make more-informed decisions about your nutrition and prepare anything simply healthy — just like what the participants of the Plant-Based Smoothie and Sandwich Duo did!

The activity-based class was held in Sun City Grand — an active adult community in Arizona — last November 1, 2021, where a total of 19 people attended. It was facilitated by Dr. Edelita Jamis, a practicing Internal Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine Doctor, who shared her knowledge and expertise about whole-food plant-based lifestyle. Here, the participants also learned about the nutritional value of the food they were about to prepare from Dr. Jamis before their hands-on experience.



Dr. Edelita Jamis giving a pre-event lecture to the participants

The simply healthy menu includes cherry berry kale smoothie and egg(less) salad sandwich.

eating seniors

The participants of Plant-Based Smoothie & Sandwich Duo preparing food

The simply healthy menu includes cherry-berry kale smoothie and egg(less) salad sandwich. Feel free to write to us at or to reach out anytime to @doctoredelita on Facebook or you’re interested to see the recipes.

Plant based healthy smoothie


And, here’s what the participants say about the event..


“Lots of knowledge about plant-based lifestyle!”

“Love to see similar classes from this instructor on a regular basis. Loved the hands-on experience!”


“Valuable nutritional information presented!”


“Tasting the food!  I know it's good for me, but tasting it made a huge difference.” 

Want to participate in the next event? Or, perhaps, are you looking to enhance your company wellness program and incorporate something like this in the future? We know just the place. For wellness events, motivational talks, or health-related lectures, Dr. Jamis of Lifestyle Medicine And Wellness Practice PLCC can help you. We recommend you to check her service offerings and see if anything suits your requirement, or subscribe to her mailing list to get the latest notifications and updates. We’d love to hear from you soon!

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