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Thank you for registering

Congratulations! You did the right thing by taking the first RIGHT step to take charge of your diabetes!


 We are excited that you are starting your health transformation journey with us on September 29 at 5 p.m


Here are the few reminders to maximize what you can get from this event 



Don't worry; this link will also be sent to your email. If you have not received it within an hour, please email us at


  • Block your schedule as soon as the dates/time for the event are posted

  • Add this event to your calendar

  • If possible, be in a room where you can not easily be distracted or disturbed.

  • Prepare a notepad and a pen. You are encouraged to take notes during the session.   

  • Tell your relatives and friends to join you, especially if they are helping you with your diabetes care. They are your allies who can support you on the changes you will make to manage your blood sugar. 

  • Do not forget to tell your family, relatives, and friends. Please share this information with them. More people sharing the same goal creates a strong community that can help each other succeed.

  • Join our FB community called The Lifestyle Changer MD. Dr. Edelita holds weekly calls in this group to keep you engaged in mastering your health.


You can expect to receive emails as we close to the event. Please make sure you are checking your email. The access link above will be emailed to you as well. 


See you soon! 

To your better health,



The Lifestyle Changer MD 

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