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The Beginning

Since 2017, Dr. Edelita Remegoso-Jamis has consistently advocated a diet that is primarily whole-food and plant-based. She normalized her weight, improved her blood sugar, and many other health issues by adopting the healthiest nutrition backed by science. She has helped many patients reduce their need for medication and regain the power to control their health and life by leaning on plants. However, she quickly realized that inaccessibility to affordable, healthy, home-cooked foods limits people from choosing the right food.   It became her mission to start a healthy food service.

While vacationing in the Philippines, she saw the saddening reality of health deterioration in her family, relatives, and friends.  On New Year's Eve of 2022, she started serving her home-cooked foods to close relatives and friends. The demand grew faster than she expected. She felt the urgency to start Doctor's Kitchen in her hometown, Gingoog City.


Doctor's Kitchen serves Gingoog City and Cagayan de Oro City. She hopes to make her foods available to more people daily, keeping the price as low as possible so it is affordable to everyone who wants to stay healthy.

Making Fruit Salad
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Our Menu

Brownie .jpg
Guilt-free Chocolate Brownie

How To Order 

For Gingoog Customers:

         Please join our FB chat group (Gingoog Plant Foodies) by clicking this link:  


For CDO Customers: 

         Please join our FB chat group (CDO Plant Foodies) by clicking this link:             


     Once in the chat group, you will get updates on when Dr. Jamis will serve her next meal directly to you. You will also be able to order through that group.


     So, what are you waiting for? Click the link above and join the plant movement for a healthier you! 

Super yummy au Let...hurot dayon ang ako napalit.

- Dr. Oliver Cortes 

Yummiest let!! I could eat this everyday!!!


— Dr. Daryl V. 

da best kaayo ang bbq…. mura gyud cya ug baboy. Hahahahah. Ang lami ang bbq sauce. Murag pareho sa bigbys na baby back ribs na sauce…

Screenshot (1258).png

Dr. Rose Belle S.

Wooohooo. New fave.

Eggless amplaya is my number 1 pa ghapon.

- Binky

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