The program uses lifestyle change as a therapeutic tool to manage, treat, and potentially reverse chronic disease. It is a program that is result-driven, built on a trusting partnership between the client and the healthcare provider. The client sets the health goals he/she wants to achieve; the provider shares with those goals and together co-create a plan of action.  There are two stages of the program

The first stage is the  LIFESTYLE STARTER STAGE. There are two choices - SOLO or KICKSTART. This will depend on the client's preference and the complexity of health issues. Here are the details.

Once the new lifestyle and eating habits are established and the set goals are met, it is recommended to move on to the second stage which is the CONTINUING LIFESTYLE STAGE. This is offered in order to provide the client with less room for relapse. This Continuing Lifestyle Program provides the place where clients can feel they belong to a group that continues to strive to be better every day.  



When you feel that you need to get something done but not sure how and when you are ready to start, 1 hour of consultation might be what you need to turn your thoughts into action. Take a glimpse of a new you during this one time sit down real talk uncovering your  inner potential to make a difference not later but NOW.  


The cool thing about Lifestyle Medicine is it can come handy. Wherever you are, you can acquire the tools needed to take control of your health without you physically coming into the office.   Virtual appointments can be arranged through telemedicine using video call and remote patient monitoring as a platform for care delivery. All you need is a smartphone/laptop/computer, email address, and an internet connection.  Email Lifestyle Medicine at for more information.


Now offering this service to clients within the US and Philippines. 


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