The best education I can give my kids is to teach them how to live longer and healthier. What good are their big ambitions if they do not have the body to make all those possible?  

Educate ourselves with the predic-table consequence of our actions.  

- Dr. Greger

I still fail but at least this time I am   completely aware when I am about to fall. 

I know one day I will die but I'll make sure I don't  
have anything to do with it.

Sure, you can do moderation, but it is like hitting your head with a small hammer rather than a bigger one. But why do it at all?" 


— Dr. Greger

 If you are determined to repeatedly make the same obvious mistakes to your health,  make sure you live long enough so you can  do it a million times. 

- Dr. E. Jamis

- Dr. E. Jamis

- Dr. E. Jamis

 - Dr. E. Jamis

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