with Ashton and Aaron 

It has been two and-a-half years since our entire family went on a plant based diet for health reasons. As soon as we understood that food has a lot to do with chronic diseases we see today, as doctors and parents, we made sure that this information was urgently shared to our kids. Like any kid, they initially showed us tremendous  resistance, with unending childish arguments and manipulative tactics every meal time. As parents, we didn't back down. We maintained consistency, both in our words and in our actions. We tried to communicate our intentions lovingly, and always explained the reason behind our lifestyle change. 

Now hearing  them say, "Mommy we want to make a video to show to other kids how to eat healthy" was totally unexpected. I am proud that at a young age, they are developing the passion to help others and spread the knowledge to their peers through  videos. 

This is their first video which is very timely for their 11th birthday. They plan to make at least one video a month. Hope you'll like it! 

Adonis Chocolate Cake 

Adonis Frosting 

recipe from Plant Strong by Rip Esselstyn

- dairy free, egg free

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